Why your Plant Nursery needs a Quality Point of Sale

With the spread of COVID-19 and the resulting lockdowns, many people globally have turned to gardening as a soothing activity to occupy time, get outdoors, and keep the family busy.

Furloughed workers and people working from home are also looking for activities to occupy their free time, after the cancellations of major sporting events and the closure of restaurants, bars, and theatres. People living in isolation in apartment buildings, without access to a garden, have also embraced indoor pot plants.

This renewed interest in plants and gardening means that plant nurseries and garden centres are busier than ever. It is therefore important that these businesses have access to a quality point of sale system. Your preferred solution should address such challenges as greenhouse stocking, improved customer experience, and seasonal inventory management.

Many people coming to your business may be first-time gardeners and will need to buy a lot of gardening supplies, such as seeds, spades, soil and watering cans. A quality point of sale system can help speed up these customers’ transactions and increase customer satisfaction. Find a system that can allow you to sell these customers bundles and promotions of both plants and gardening supplies.

It is important that your nursery has a point of sale system that has a full inventory management system. Due to the complex nature of keeping certain seasonal plants alive, it is important that you keep track of what plants are available at specific times of the year. Staff will also need to update the system of which plants are no longer viable. A point of sale solution with a multiple location feature will allow you to communicate between your businesses to address customer’s unique gardening needs.

Most nurseries source their plants from wholesale planters, and it is therefore very important that you have a system that can accurately track your suppliers. The right system will be able to connect your inventory and accounting systems with ease.

What does TallOrder POS bring to Your Nursery?

Not only is TallOrder POS Cloud-based, but it also allows for Inventory Management, Smart Reporting, and Location Management capabilities.
TallOrder POS is also mobile. A mobile Point of Sale system, on tablets, for example, allows your staff to move around the nursery and advise customers while they are interacting directly with your stock. A mobile POS allows for a more personal, intimate experience with more opportunities to upsell.

Nurseries are often located in countryside locations, often a fair distance from cities, and Internet connections may often be unstable or unpredictable. TallOrder POS will keep functioning even if Internet connectivity is down or disrupted. As soon as your Internet connects again, your transactions will be synced to the Cloud.

With TallOrder POS’s loyalty capabilities allow you to build customer loyalty. Loyalty programs entice customers to return to your business time and time again, therefore increasing sales. TallOrder POS also integrates with several systems in order for you to expand your POS system to meet your business’s specific needs. TallOrder offers deep, order-line integration to Sage and XERO Cloud-based accounting software systems, letting you enjoy faster, more accurate accounting with no duplications.

Gardening Centres and Nurseries are a bit more complex than other retail businesses and it important for them to have a system that can cater to all these complex business needs.

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