Tips on choosing the right point of sale system

No matter what the nature of your business is, all your customers end up at the same place: Your Point of Sale. This is the point where the purchase is completed and where you make your money. It is therefore crucial that you have the correct point of sale system to cater to customers and make your sale.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right point of sale system for your business:


You need to carefully consider what your business may need. The size and nature of your business will influence what kind of point of sale system is the right fit for you. The point of sale software that you choose has to have the right capabilities and features that you need. Brainstorm your most frequent business activities and determine which POS features align with those activities. For example, you may greatly value a POS solution with powerful reporting functionalities. With the right solution, you can gain actionable insights from this reporting feature and make smarter business decisions going forward. Similarly, your business may want to make use of a loyalty program or have an integrated inventory management system. You, therefore, must look for POS software that can cater to these needs.


Point of sale hardware is just as important a component of your overall POS system as your software. However, hardware may incur extra costs so make sure that you get the correct hardware. Point of sale equipment can be a big investment. Therefore, if you have an existing set-up, and you’re happy with your hardware you should look for a solution that suits this set-up. It is very important that the hardware that you have or acquire is compatible with your chosen Point of Sale software.

Point of sale software has greatly advanced over the years. Many of the best POS systems are now available on iPads and Android tablets, which are much cheaper and lightweight compared to traditional systems. If you would like to use additional devices like barcodes scanners, credit card terminals, drawers, and printers, you need to make sure that the POS system you choose also works with those devices.

Cost and Service

Naturally, you need a system that fits your budget. The costs of POS systems vary, especially depending on the size of your business (number of stores, customers, products, registers, etc.) and what you need to run your business.

It is very important to see a point of sale system in action before you commit to just one. Most POS providers offer demonstrations or trial versions so that you can try out their POS in advance. It is very important to find a POS software provider who offers good service and support. Software by nature can be tricky and whether due to human or software errors, you may find yourself needing to contact your POS provider for support. Make sure that the POS system that you choose has support processes in place and a strong team to help guide you through any concerns.

Investing in the right point of sale system can benefit you, your staff and your customers, so consider the above tips when looking for a Point of Sale system.

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