Advantages of a POS-Integrated Online Ordering App

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online delivery and ordering ahead apps has skyrocketed. More and more customers would prefer to, therefore, order and enjoy meals safely from the comfort of their own house.

Many businesses have been using third-party integrations to facilitate their online orders and deliveries. Even though these third-party systems do have their perks, such a built-in delivery logistics, it’s standard for them to take a percentage of every order they send your way. Some even charge up to 30% of each order. These deductions can be very hard on businesses, in particular small businesses that heavily rely on these kinds of orders. Most in-house apps, by contrast, are available for a relatively small set-up and/or monthly fee; after which all sales proceeds and profits are yours.

By using a POS-integrated system you can as a result have more control over the guest experience without the extra cost deductions. Even though restaurants may think that they are generating a lot of business from third-party orders, in the long run, they may be losing out to third-party systems. Of course, using a POS-integrated system does mean that you will have to work out the logistics of delivery, such as drivers and vehicles. Once again, this option gives you control over how to choose and manage your delivery system. As well as track your orders and payments on your own terms.

Moreover, an integrated system also allows you to push your own branding, as well as the flexibility to change and update your menu in real-time. In-house systems allow you to better gather data about your customers, such as buying habits so that you can better cater to their desires in the future.

Introducing ToGo, our POS-Integrated Online Ordering App

ToGo, our Online Ordering App, integrates directly into TallOrder POS, for a seamless online ordering experience. With ToGo your customers can order and pay ahead and pick-up when the order is ready or opt-in for delivery if your establishment offers delivery options! ToGo’s Cloud-based technology allows customers to order from anywhere using a web-based link. Unlike third party ordering apps, ToGo does not charge you per order. With a flat-rate monthly fee, ToGo puts you in charge of your delivery! ToGo is fully integrated with TallOrder Point of Sale but can be used alongside your current POS system.

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