Making Life Simple with Integrations from TallOrder

Today’s connected world demands that businesses turn their data into valuable insights – available through one dashboard.

Our 4 integrations are as follows:


Businesses can now obtain real-time, detailed sales reports using the TallOrder POS system. Minimizing the time it takes for a manual system to generate each report. These reports are a crucial part of the accounting process because revenue sources and segregation must be identified in order to calculate profit or loss for a specific accounting period.

Furthermore, these sales reports can assist in identifying potential lags, which can then be addressed. As the most recent sales reports are available on-demand and in real-time, improved strategies can be devised to help boost sales and increase efficiency.

TallOrder’s accounting integration will automatically connect sales, payments/receipts, inventory, and cost to your accounting system, reducing the probability of human error. Simple invoice management is essential for your accounting systems. It demonstrates that you have sold a product or service.

Payment Solutions

The Point of Sale system from TallOrder connects with popular digital payment systems, mobile wallet providers, and near-field communication payment methods.

Customer data is a particular weak spot when it comes to card payments, and cybercrime is a very real issue. TallOrders’ POS system is equipped with cutting-edge security measures that encrypt all transactions and mask crucial client data while still allowing for payment authorization. Additionally, we protected customer data. A customer’s data will be protected.

With the help of touch screen technologies, payment procedures can be sped up, cutting down on lines and enabling personnel to handle complicated and huge orders quickly and effectively. The technology works especially well in the retail, restaurant, and entertainment industries, where mobile solutions may be used to quickly and accurately handle group orders. Overall processing times are shortened as a result, which improves customer service.

Hospitality Property Management

Recently, POS systems have become significantly more important, especially with the emergence of cloud-based POS systems. As a result, comparing a POS system to a conventional cash register is no longer sufficient. These systems are now intelligent service solutions that have the potential to drastically alter the hospitality industry.

The usage of POS systems enables constant and immediate contact between several divisions and even various branches of the same company. The systems can ensure that all areas of a business have access to the most crucial data regarding inventory and availability and can aid in the elimination of calculation errors.

POS systems may greatly improve daily operations for companies in the hospitality industry and can also improve client satisfaction.


You can continue to increase the value of your brand and show your loyal consumers how much you appreciate them by giving them access to exclusive deals. Voucher coupons can be used to create brand advocates out of loyal clients in addition to keeping them coming back to your business.

You can create codes with vouchers that can be used to provide customers flat or percentage-based discounts on their orders. Additional filtering can be used to require a customer utilizing a single-use voucher to spend a specified amount over a specific period of time in order to access the voucher code.

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