Last-minute Christmas shopping tips

If you are being honest with yourself – you know that you have left your Christmas shopping until too late this year. 2021 has been busy and stressful, and Christmas shopping has been the last thing on your mind. Perhaps you have been hesitant to venture out to the busy shopping mall. Whatever the reason, Christmas is less than a week away.

Here are our tips for stress-free last-minute Christmas shopping.

Online shopping or pickup

Online shopping may be your first go-to for late minute Christmas gifts, but you must be mindful of shipping times and fees. You don’t want to end up spending more on something that will only arrive in the new year! Many online stores may be prepared for the busy season and super-fast shipping to get your last-minute gifts wrapped and delivered on time.

Many retailers also have a pickup option, which allows you to order and pay for items and then pick them up when it is convenient for you. Save money that you would have spent on delivery. If you are buying from local vendors, you can save a lot of time and money by arranging to pick up a special item just in time for Christmas.

Gift sets and traditional gifts

If you are not sure what to get, an easy-to-buy gift set makes the perfect last-minute option. Many people would love to get a food or pamper gift basket as a gift. Fill the basket with their favourite snacks and items to show them how well you know them.

Even if you are getting something generic, think about ways in which you can personalize it. For example, you can have someone’s name engraved on a mug or stitched into a beautiful hand towel to make it more personal.

Think about buying from smaller, local vendors, who are usually less busy, with more-organised shelves, plus the staff will have the time to help you find the right gift.

Out of the box gifts ideas

Even though a traditional gift is always a good late-minute go-to you can get creative with your gift. For example, a monthly membership to a speciality club can be a very thoughtful gift. Food, coffee, or wine club subscriptions. Other types of subscriptions, such as those to movies or audiobooks that the person would like but can’t access are also a good idea.  If someone cares about a cause, donate to a charity whose work they support.

You don’t have to be limited to the idea of physical gifts. Think about what the person would appreciate. For example, you could pay for a night out and offer to watch their kids.

Gift cards and vouchers

Some people may feel that gift cards are too impersonal but often people would rather pick out something for themselves. To dress it up a little, add a personal touch, such as a mug with a gift card to a favourite coffee shop, or a gift card to a bookstore tucked into a classic novel.

Alternatively, you can pay for an experience; like buying a voucher for a fancy restaurant, outdoor activity, or spa treatment. Buying a gift card or voucher is also a great way to support local businesses and restaurants that have greatly suffered during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

Never fear – all is not lost one week before Christmas. If you follow these tips, you will be able to get those last-minute Christmas gifts sorted stress-free!

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