How a Hospitality Management system will benefit your establishment

TallOrder POS integrates seamlessly with leading hospitality property management systems, including ResRequest and Benson. The integration allows your establishment to provide a faster and more personalized experience to guests.

Our POS system also enables instant and continuous communication between departments within your hotel or lodge. Calculation errors can be eliminated using the system, and all departments will have access to the most up-to-date information regarding inventory and room availability. In addition, special offers will automatically be applied to guest purchases. A major advantage of this system is the opportunity it provides for upselling (ie. rooms with extras or upgrades), cross-selling, and marketing.

Guests can easily charge items to their room number from your hotel restaurant, gift shop, spa – and choose to receive their statement via email.

ResRequest includes 6 core modules that cover all your business needs, including:

Central Reservations Management

Manage your reservations efficiently and effectively.

  • Live availability
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Properties,companies and itineraries
  • Manage direct enquiries

Channel Management

Our unique modules and connections with channel managers and technology partners allow us to provide you with the best tools for implementing online selling. Give your agents real-time access to availability and bookings.

Property Management

POS integration keeps your day-to-day business running smoothly.

  • Quick and easy frontdesk management
  • Customisable operations reports
  • Track performance across all your lodges
  • Build guest profiling
  • Debtors control
  • Easy interface to POS

Customer Relationship Management

It’s a model for managing current and future customer interactions. A CRM system captures and tracks business relationship information to appropriately coordinate sales strategies. Knowing customer details, preferences, and history helps foster successful relationships during the sales, service, and support stages. Accurate customer support at each of these stages helps: Provide the service customers expect and improve customer satisfaction. Analyse results and increase repeat business.

Financial Management

Track sales finances from an administrative and operational perspective.

  • Enter rates
  • Apply specials
  • Fiscalisation

Business Analysis Management

Interpret ResRequest data to identify key booking and travel trends.

  • ResRequest Dashboard
  • Today
  • Resinite

All-In-One Cloud-based Platform

Process transactions even when your internet connection is down. Both TallOrder POS and ResRequest Enterprise are cloud-based, so we can cater to boutique hotels and lodges in locations with poor internet connectivity.

TallOrder thrives on innovation

Our passion for delivering new things brings a fresh new approach to the POS industry.

Tallorder’s growing feature list includes:

Customer Statements

Using the Customer Billing feature, your guests can opt for an email receipt instead of a printed copy. The receipt can also include promotional materials and other messages, saving you time and resources.

Recipe Management for your Establishment’s Restaurant

Using recipe management, you can track ingredient history and standardize recipes across multiple employees and locations to minimize waste. The management, creation, and customisation of recipes is vital for restaurants to maximize profits and reduce costs. Moreover, it calculates servings, portion costs, and extra waste, so you know exactly how many ingredients are left.

Employee Shift Management

POS systems make it easy to monitor shift times for guest relations, kitchen and cleaning staff. The PIN system prevents fraudulent attendance. Additionally, shift management allows you to calculate salaries accurately and reward your top performers.

Stock  Management

Overstocking is the single biggest factor that might contribute to a decreased profitability for a company. In order to avoid stockouts and too much inventory, which can reduce profitability, businesses can integrate inventory tracking into their POS systems. By using TallOrder’s reporting tools, you can manage your items and prices, purchase orders, suppliers, stock levels, and sales patterns.

Multiple Locations

When it comes to managing multiple restaurants, retailers, and other business locations, TallOrder’s POS software offers an intuitive interface that allows you to easily view and analyze data across all locations. You’ll also enjoy easy integration with third party systems such as accounting, payroll, and CRM solutions. With TallOrder’s POS software, you’ll have access to live analytics, allowing you to see exactly where your money is being spent.

Fingerprint Access for Staff

Integrating a biometrics system into your point of sale (POS) enables accurate employee identification, eliminates buddy punching, and prevents theft.

Find out how TallOrder POS’ integration with Hospitality Management System, such as ResRequest, will benefit bookings for your hotel, lodge or resort. Request a demo now.

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