Five clear signs that your restaurant needs a new Point of Sale System.

A point-of-sale system can often serve as the heart of a restaurant. The wrong system can ruin your business operations and damage your reputation with customers. Are you struggling with your current system? Are you using the right POS in your restaurant?

Here are 5 signs that your restaurant may need a NEW POS solution:

Your restaurant is not as efficient as it could be

Fast and accurate customer service is a paramount part of a quality restaurant. If the ordering and checkout process is delayed or taking longer than expected your operations can be greatly impacted. Incorrect orders or meals that don’t get to customers in time can seriously damage your business reputation. A point-of-sale system should be user-friendly and make it easy for staff to enter in orders and process payments correctly.

If your staff spends too much time running back and forth from the POS station to double check orders or check menu items, then they are not giving customers the correct attention. When your peak hours have become a nightmare, it may be time to consider a new POS system.

Your current POS feels limited

If your POS can only process transactions and nothing else, you urgently need an update! Modern Point of Sale Systems have become advanced enough to cater to any type of business’ need. Free or outdated point of sale systems will hinder what your business can do. Cloud-based solutions allow you to manage aspects of your restaurant from anywhere.

Customers have become tech-savvy and your restaurants needs to embrace new technologies to keep up with them. For example, a customer may want to pay with a mobile wallet and may reconsider visiting you again if they don’t find the payment process to be convenient for them. If you are managing your inventory manually then it is time to update your system. Your point of sales system should help you track and manage your inventory for you.

You are experiencing many thefts, inaccuracies, and missing stock

A quality point of sale system should make it easier for you to track your transactions and inventory. If you are noticing incorrect cash-ups or inconsistencies but you have no idea why you are experiencing these issues, then you need a new POS system. Staff with nefarious intention can take advantage of gaps in your POS system that doesn’t properly track cash-up or inventory. Point of sale systems with tight control on the inventory, specific roles, and permissions to perform tasks, and real-time reports, help to control thefts in restaurants.

You have no smart data or reports about your business

A business can waste a lot of time trying to reconcile your POS data with your back office. A quality point of sale system should make it easy for you to accurately track all your POS activities and transactions. This kind of smart data can allow you to make better decisions about your business going forward. For example, you may be able to track which days your business serves the most customers. With this data you can better plan specials or perhaps more staff for those days. It can also help you make more detail decisions around stock and which products you should buy and restock. You can, therefore, use the system’s reports to understand what is working in your business, and what you are doing wrong.

You get no support from your POS provider

Technology, no matter how advanced or sophisticated, is not immune to glitches. What matters is that you have a POS provider that is available to provide quality support. If you are not able to reach the Support when you need them, or your issues are not resolved satisfactorily, then it is time you should upgrade your Restaurant POS.

Notice any of these signs in your business? Then it is time for a change. If your current POS is doing more harm to your business than good, you’re due for a significant update. Find out more about TallOrder Cloud-based Point of Sale if you would like a POS upgrade.

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