How to COVID-Proof your Hospitality Business

With the threat of the COVID-19 corona virus  and level 3 lockdown restrictions, local hospitality businesses ha been greatly affected and many have greatly struggled. Recently sit-down and dine-in have been allowed. In order to make it through during this difficult time and ensure the safety of customers and staff, your business needs to be proactive.

We know that many of you do not have the option to close or send employees home, so here are some tips to guide you through:

Restructure the way that you usually do business

Think about what you have to offer and how you can offer those services in creative and different ways. If any small part of your business can operate online, then you have a potential back-up cash flow avenue. For example, restaurants and coffee shops can offer online ordering and delivery. Or they can start to sell merchandise online. Chefs can also get creative by selling recipes online for those who are stuck at home at the moment to try for themselves.

Adjust your hygiene protocols

Now is the time to fully evaluate your current hygiene protocols and adjust them accordingly. Firstly, actively encourage sick employees to stay home and get tested. Emphases the importance of respiratory etiquettes, such as cough or sneezing into tissues, and hand hygiene by all employees. Provide employees and customers with hand sanitizers and extra cleaning supplies which are easily accessible around the business.

Make sure that you instill routine environmental cleaning and increase cleaning routines of all surfaces that are touched often, such as counters and door handles. Consider using disposable cutlery during the state of disaster or asking customers to bring their own reusable travel mugs.

Adjust your finances

You will have to go through your finances, budget, and assets very clearly to see where you can save money. If you notice any spending that could be limited, do it and put those funds aside for any tight cash flow weeks ahead. However, only reign in spending if it is not directly contributing to your business income or growth. Especially when it comes to your employees. Do not lay-off employees, who will also be struggling during this time.


It’s critical to communicate openly with your customers about the status of your operations, what protective measures you’ve implemented, and how they (as customers) will be protected when they visit your business. Promotions may also help incentivize customers who may be reluctant to visit your business. Encourage your customers to support you in alternative ways, such as using your delivery services or by purchasing vouchers that they can use at a later stage. It is vital that we all encourage the support of local businesses at this time.

Use Technology

Currently, there are many Cloud-based business tools that can help you move your business administration online so that non-essential employees can work from home. Attempt to go cashless, because the virus can often spread through the transaction of physical cash. Rather opt for card-payments only if you can and encourage the use of mobile e-wallets, such as Zapper and SnapScan.

Limit virus exposure on surfaces by allowing customers to order and pay remotely from their own personal devices (phone, tablet, laptop) with ToGo, TallOrder Point of Sale’s Online Ordering App. Within ToGo your customers can order and pay ahead and pick-up when the order is ready, or have it delivered if your business caters for delivery. No need for extra devices- ToGo fully integrates and runs directly on your Point of Sale using TallOrder Software.

We hope that these tips can help you and your business make it through. Keep your self and your staff safe, stay informed, stay proactive and we will hopefully get through this state of disaster together.

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